“Give us 2 weeks... you’ll learn how to take down anyone, of any size, while getting in the best shape of your life... guaranteed.”

Whether you're looking to compete... or a sport to enhance your life....

Brazilian Jiujitsu will make you stronger, tougher, and feeling more alive than ever before. Imagine how you'll feel after 6 weeks of high-intensity training!

And you'll have a TON of fun along the way...

To a success-minded individual looking for a kick ass time,

My name's Ed Stahl, and I'm the co-founder of Metrolina Martial Arts. You might be wondering why I'm so confident to offer you such a strong guarantee.

It's pretty simple. I've seen my program work wonders for guys and gals of all sizes and ages - time after time...

  • I've seen scrawny guys weighing 120 pounds take down brutes weighing 260.
  • I've seen petite women embarrass men twice their size.
  • And I've seen competition fighters reach the level of champions sooner than they ever thought possible.

Here's exactly how this program helped them
get there. And more importantly

How it will help you, too:


Develop Unshakeable Self-Confidence

It happens every time. People walk into our doors, and amaze themselves at what they can accomplish. Pretty soon, they believe in themselves more than they ever have.

You too can become an unstoppable force - both on the mats and in your personal life, too.

Become part of our family — Get support and motivation for unstoppable success.

Every form of martial arts is different. But Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the only forms that you simply can't practice alone. You need a partner. You need a team. You'll form an unwavering bond with everyone you practice with.

You'll support each other - and push each other past any limits you think you have. With your team on your side, you can (and will) accomplish anything you set your mind to!


Lose weight and get in incredible shape.

Have some extra pounds that you'd like to see come off? Or just want to feel the energy that comes with having a body in amazing shape?

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses every part of your body - which means every time you train, you get a full body workout. Those extra pounds will come right off. And before you know it, you'll be lean, mean, ripped machine!

Dominate any style of Martial Arts

I've heard stories of guys who have just been doing Jiu Jitsu for a few months being challenged by black belts in other styles.

The guys who did Jiu Jitsu were shocked at how easily they beat their opponents. Jiu Jitsu works against any style - because hardly any other style teaches you what to do when a fight gets on the ground. However, you'll be a master of submission and grappling. You'll make the fights go to the ground - and you'll dominate.

Check out what our students have to say!

"Brazilian Jiujitsu is a helluva workout...
I've had experience boxing and in other Martial Arts, but BJJ is something else. I always leave the class tired and worn out -- but also having learned something.
The techniques we've learned work -- learning how to control your opponent despite their size is liberating knowing I can protect myself and my family with what I learn here. I've learned so much already in my short time here -- I can feel the knowledge soaking in every time I roll. 
Metrolina Martial Arts' BJJ is awesome."
"My dad brought me here on a whim -- so I could protect myself. I didn't really care but having done other sports like track & field and stuff, I awaited the challenge. Wow! Was I surprised! It's a great workout, but this stuff is useful, too! As a girl, I definitely am glad I've learned some skills to defend myself...

Not to mention I'm now killing it on the wrestling mat at school!

I'm so glad my dad brought me here -- otherwise I couldn't have met the awesome people like Brock, Ed, and Prof Matt!"
"I've done Brazilian Jiujitsu for over 7 years now -- I used to be the smallest person at my gym. After my home gym closed down, I was looking for a new BJJ home. I found it at Metrolina Martial Arts. Professor Matt has the same original instructor as me and is an awesome teacher and friend. He's so knowledgeable, too, and has helped me with my game immensely. 
I'm currently soon to head back to the military, but I've used BJJ to get back in shape!

Plus I get to used what I learned in the military!

Metrolina Martial Arts is the only school in Concord that focuses on Beginners and helps them learn and grow. You'll be surprised at your future self!"

And finally... it's FUN!

I've heard countless times how fun it is. The class is a tough workout -- perhaps even hardwork -- but beneath it all...

You'll find the guidance, discipline, and support
you need right here. Guaranteed.



Grab our amazing web-special, if you're not completely satisfied we'll refund your money. 100% of it. We’re so confident these programs will rock you to your core, fulfill your health and fitness goals, and set you up for success that we offer a FULL refund on all web offers. Period. 

Ed Stahl
Head Instructor


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BJJ: (Noun)
Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) is a martial artcombat sport, and aself defense system that focuses on grappling and especiallyground fighting. Brazilian jiu-jitsu was formed from Kodokan Judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals that were taught by a number of individuals including Takeo YanoMitsuyo Maeda and Soshihiro Satake. Brazilian jiu-jitsu eventually came to be its own art through the experiments, practices, and adaptation of judo through Carlos and Hélio Gracie, who passed their knowledge on to their extended family.

Made popular by the Gracie family and their success in the MMA organization, UFC, BJJ has taken the world by storm. Offering a total approach to self-defense and sport, MMAI teaches both applications and encourages competition to test one skills in a safe environment.

Recommended for those aged 16+.