Metrolina Martial Arts Muay Thai!

“It's the most hardcore
martial art on the planet.

And now, you can become
its master with our
renowned Metrolina
training program.”

Real Techniques!

Punches, kicks, elbows, &

What more could you need?

Discover how to use every part of your body as a weapon - in any situation. It's the most complete, and powerful, striking self-defense system known to man.

If your strength is your upper-body, punching will become your new best friend. If your power comes from your lower-body, watch as your kicking ability skyrockets.

And if you're good all around - you'll become even better.

Develop scary-good speed,power, & stamina - and get lean & toned in the process.

Through your Muay Thai training you'll start to notice something...

Your movements will become faster... your body will become leaner and more toned... your arms, legs, and core will become stronger... and your endurance will become so sharp that you'll last for hours.

You'll notice it in your daily life too. Things that used to give you a sweat will be a piece of cake.

And you'll have more energy than ever, all   throughout the day.

Learn how to react immediately - in any situation.

One of the most powerful - and most feared - elements of Muay Thai is speed.

No matter what your opponent may do - you'll have a flawless reaction. You'll know exactly what to do - and do it - in the blink of an eye.

In a fight there's no time to think things out. You need to react immediately - and you'll be able to do just that.

Sound too good to be true? Try out our training for just 30 days and see if you're not already quicker than ever.

Check out what our students have to say!

"Muay Thai is life...
I started training Muay Thai years ago and after moving I needed a new place to train -- after finding Kru Bill and Coach Ed at Metrolina Martial Arts, I've found my new Muay Thai home!
Having trained in Thailand for a bit, too, I need real, authentic, Muay Thai and Metrolina MA delivers. Kru Bill is so knowledgeable and helpful -- I've learned so much from him. Ed, too, is always a pleasure to train with.
Metrolina Martial Arts' Muay Thai is Legit."
"Muay Thai rocks. And Metrolina Martial Arts delivers. I was looking for a legit place to train to learn to compete and to protect myself. Bill and Ed challenge me every time I come there. They rock.

Now, I can't wait to compete to show what I've learned!

Kru Bill is a beast -- his kicks scare the hell outta me! But he's so nice -- it's nuts! Regardless, a fun place to train and the people are great."
"Muay Thai is a crazy good workout. I love the intensity and the cardio I get from it. I get a lot of reps of good quality techniques and lose weight at the same time! It's given me a hunkering for more!

I've used it in other arts like Jeet Kune Do and Kali! A workout and tons of fun!

Metrolina Martial Arts is the only school in Concord that has an instructor with over 35 years in the hard-striking arts! Kru Bill has done Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, and Thai and crafted a unique point of view on the art"

And finally... it's FUN!

I've heard countless times how fun it is. The class is a tough workout -- perhaps even hardwork -- but beneath it all...

You'll find the guidance, discipline, and support
you need right here. Guaranteed.



Grab our amazing web-special, if you're not completely satisfied we'll refund your money. 100% of it. We’re so confident these programs will rock you to your core, fulfill your health and fitness goals, and set you up for success that we offer a FULL refund on all web offers. Period. 

Ed Stahl
Head Instructor


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  • Includes free loaner gear if you need some

Jeet Kune Do: (Noun)
Definition (via Wikipedia): Jeet Kune Do, also Jeet Kun Do, and abbreviated JKD, is an eclectic and hybrid martial art system and philosophy of life founded by the martial artist Bruce Lee (1940–1973) in 1967 with simple and direct, or straightforward, movements and non-classical style.

Jeet Kune Do focuses on the self-defense and betterment of oneself through the martial arts. Based on Jun Fan Gung Fu with roots in Wing Chun, Western Boxing, and Fencing, Jeet Kune Do has answers for many of life's situations.

MMAI will teach you their approach to Jeet Kune Do so you can attain lifelong knowledge and confidence through this lens of Martial Arts.