Bill Graff

Bill began his martial arts training in 1983 during work breaks on the rooftop of a factory, under the tutelage of Kung Fu stylist Master Kenny Crowe. Countless hours were spent discussing the many animal styles and methods of attack. He was immediately hooked on a life long Journey in the arts. He holds Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and American Style Kickboxing. He hold a blue belt in Jujitsu and is an Advanced JKD practitioner. He has trained many years in Boxing and in more recent years MMA and Kali. 

Bill has also fought point, moderate contact and full contact in American Style kickboxing, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do (point) and Tuff Man tournaments. This experience has changed Bill's perspective of what it is like to truly have to perform under pressure in a non-compliant situation and brought meaning to the adage "defend your attack." Bill has competed a in a few jiujitsu tournaments as well. He has been a licensed corner man at amateur and pro MMA fights and served as striking coach for the MMA fighters in the schools he has taught and trained at.

"All the instructors I have had live on through me" and "It is a teacher's and student's responsibility to pass the arts on in a responsible and safe manner and to never forget who passed the techniques to you." are two of Bill's motto's that Bill trains with.


 Ed rocking the fire shorts

 Fear the pink gloves

Fear the pink gloves