A martial artist who relies on feet and hands can still be defeated when faced with an opponent much larger than he is. Brute strength is a difficult thing to conquer.

However, a knife levels the playing field. When you know how to use it just right, it makes you as powerful - if not more so - than a larger opponent.

You can keep yourself and your loved ones safe from harm.


Every class contains workouts and drills that work you from head to toe. You'll build cardiovascular strength and endurance. You'll develop lean muscle mass. And you'll feel stronger, more energized throughout the day.

You'll likely be sore at first, too. But don't worry - that goes away, and then it's uphill from there.



In the right hands, Filipino Kali is a life-saving self-defense system. In the wrong hands, it's a brutal weapon.

This is why we ONLY teach students who show extreme seriousness, respect, and determination towards the art. If you take it lightly - this probably isn't for you.

Check out what our students have to say!

"Kali did some stuff to me...
Kali has taught me coordination I didn't know I had. It provides a constant challenge to push myself with every class, in a place where I always feel at home as soon as I walk in the door. Classes are well paced, fun, and it's a thrill to see yourself improve with practical self-defense skills.
I always leave feeling great, knowing I've pushed myself to become better while surrounded by the positive energy of Guro Ed and my fellow students provide with each and every class. 
Metrolina Martial Arts is the real deal."
"Wow... Kali really surprised me. I've taken judo and jiujitsu before, but Kali has been the most fun I've had in a while! It puts the two together almost -- but the application to self-defense is really where it has helped out.

I feel totally confident in my ability to protect myself and my family. I'm my own weapon!

Sifu Ed is an excellent teacher and pushes us to challenge ourselves -- he's really passionate! I'm so glad I made the decision to train there..."
"Kali is an awesome art -- the techniques remind me of Jason Bourne every time I'm in class! I love the application of the art and the strategy from it.

I've used it in other arts like Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu -- even in competition!

Metrolina Martial Arts is the only school in Concord that has an instructor accredited by 3 different students of Legend Guro Dan Inosanto -- Bruce Lee's top student! How cool is that?!"
-Paul & Rebecca

You'll find the guidance, discipline, and support
you need right here. Guaranteed.



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Ed Stahl
Head Instructor


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Kali: (Noun)

The Filipino Martial Arts, commonly umbrella-ed under the name Filipino Kali, derive from the Philippines and constitute several modes of combat; ranging from hand-to-hand to knife fighting, the most common of stick fighting to bow-staff. Kali has many forms and lineages, many of which David has trained.

Kali is best known as a stick fighting art, but once transferred to knives becomes even more deadly. 

Essentially, Kali is the art of destruction.